Coaching & Training

Duke & Jacobs is an agency that specialises in the recruitment, training and coaching of individuals. Putting the right person in the right position requires special knowledge and expertise. Next, it is important to teach the individual the right skills to ensure they can perform optimally.  In order to excel, one will have to understand their own competences.

Duke & Jacobs strives to bring out the inherent qualities that every individual possesses. With the help of a baseline measurement, we analyse an individual’s competences. Next, we teach them new skills during a short series of training sessions. By adequately applying these skills in practice, a behavioural chance will be realised. As a result, the individual’s motivation and returns will improve significantly.

Training (on the job)

By utilising training (on the job) and coaching, we offer solutions that bring the individual, the team and the organisations closer together.

We define training as working on behavioural change, rather than merely transferring information. For example: a director of an SME is largely responsible for his own organisation’s revenue. He is so proud of his company that he tends to talk too much and fails to gain sufficient insight into his clients’ needs. As a result, he does not acquire enough projects to allow his organisation to realise the desired growth. By working on the director’s conversational skills and then accompanying them to important meetings, the organisation’s revenue and margins will significantly improve.


Your staff is the most valuable capital within your organisation. When your people possess the right skills, their returns and motivation will improve significantly. On top of that, your turnover rate will decline.

“Profits are to businesses what breathing is to man. Both are vital in order to stay alive.”