Duke & Jacobs: Recruitment, Selection & Search
Duke & Jacobs: Recruitment, Selection & Search

Duke & Jacobs, the agency for all your recruitment, selection and search, specialises in finding the best candidates for positions that are of strategic importance to your organisation. From directors and managers to commercial and technical (senior) specialists: Duke & Jacobs takes a dedicated, personal and transparent approach to concrete projects.

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Duke & Jacobs is a full-service recruitment, selection and executive search agency that supports organisations with issues pertaining to Human Resources Management.

Our people

Duke & Jacobs’ highly experienced consultants have excellent track records in the business world and the non-profit sector.


For more than ten years, Duke & Jacobs has successfully collaborated with clients in a wide range of sectors and areas of expertise and at various function levels.

Latest vacancies

Interim Senior Online Marketingcoördinator

Zelfstandige senior online professional, in staat om te opereren op het snijvlak van online marketing, online communicatie en web-redactie. Tevens ervaring met dashboarding. Denker en doener.
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Voor commerciële BtB professional met ervaring in utiliteit en industrie. Bekend met klimaattechniek en drive om snelgroeiend A-merk verder uit te bouwen. Accountmanagement, business development en acquisitie. Regio Noordwest-Nederland.
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Voor technische professional met ervaring in de utiliteits- en woningbouwbranche. Teamspeler met verstand van klimaattechniek. Verantwoordelijk voor de product- en merkpositionering van Viessmann Nederland.
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